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  PYJ-Dynasty's key investment strategy is to identify qualified overseas returnees for starting up new ventures in China. We provide the founders with unique value-adds at different stages of a venture to enable successful launch and sustainable growth. Our Partners and Advisors are world renowned domain experts with proven track-records in technology development, venture investment, business management, as well as academic research. PYJ has developed an extensive network in both the US and China to source high quality deals.  


Our Fund focuses on ventures that address the demand of the most explosive market sectors in China including IT hardware, internet software, and biomedical electronics. Within the IT sector, the Fund has identified fabless semiconductor industry as an investment opportunity owing to the growing gap between the supply and demand in China’s domestic electronics market. To profit from this market trend, the Fund plans to concentrate its IT sector investments on fabless companies, especially the ones with products for wireless, video, and consumer applications. The Partners of PYJ have a combined experience of 6 successful fabless startups and over 50 years of experience in design and operation which have generated IC sales revenue over US$5B. The GP’s extensive network of technologists, executives, and investors across all points in the IC supply chain will continue to enable broad deal flow. Moreover, our well established relationships within China offer unparalleled insight into local government policies, market trends, and emerging domestic standards. All of these are the Fund’s unique advantages to identify startups that have high potential to dominate in their market segment.

The Fund aims to achieve high-return upside by balancing its portfolio with early and growth stage startups.

Ingredients for Success: Industry and Academe Connections | Valuable Guidance and Advantages
Experienced Team with Proven Track Record | Unparalleled Strategic Insight